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Setting up a blog

In order to create a Hyperframe blog, the main requirement is for pages to use a blogging frame. This frame will call the blog plugin code, and will insert the blog-specific text elements into all such pages.

Entire website as a blog

If the entire website will be in blog format, then it is a relatively simple matter to declare a blog-format frame as the default in siteini.php. All pages will then behave as blog articles, regardless of whether they were created online or uploaded.

Blog as a subsection of main site

If you wish to make a subsection of your site into a blog, but to retain conventional website behaviour for your main pages, then the way to do this is to set the hf_frame meta tag in the head section of blog pages to reference your blog frame.  Leave the site's default frame as a conventional type.

To save the need to modify the page head section by hand, there is a BlogArticle template available under File..New, which if selected will include this setting in your new page.

It will generally be more convenient to make your subsection blog a subdirectory of the site's filesystem structure. This way it will have its own index page, and the catalog of articles (TOC) will appear here instead of on the main site's homepage. 

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